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 USAF New Training Guide - Rap :D

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PostSubject: USAF New Training Guide - Rap :D   Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:08 pm

Note : This will be the Training Script for the US Armed Forces.

1. Welcome the recruit, and introduce yourself.

Welcome to the US Armed Forces, the BEST Armed Forces / Military ever. Very Happy I am *rank and name*, and I will be the one to conduct your training for today.

2. Enforce discipline, and explain the rules during the training course.

Please have self - discipline. May I request that you please be quiet, and wave if you need to say or ask anything.

3. Introduce US Armed Forces, and say what we do.

Here in the USAF, we try to be realistic. And to do that, we do different things, that are used in the real life militaries.
- We attack other militaries, and it is through raiding.
* Raiding is when we spam, and dance. Example: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

- We regularly perform military drills, to improve our skills in following commands.
* Example of drills are the Attention drills, and one command we normally use in drills is:
F/1, which means Forward 1 Space, and so on.

- We specialize in training courses.
* We have some of the best trainers, and we're very good in training.

- We use real life military commands.
* I will teach the commands later.

4. Discuss the Code of Conduct, let them read the pink stickies, and let them ask questions if they don't understand some of them.

Please read the pink stickies, and feel free to ask any questions. Please stand if you're done reading, and understand it all. Also, please really understand them by heart, and implement and follow those rules, when you work here in USAF.

5. Now, teach the commands, and demonstrate it.

In every military, there are commands. These commands will help make the military organized, and orderly.

As you noticed a while ago in HQ, there are 3 rows. The Front, Middle, and Back. There are commands corresponding to these rows.
First command, is FTF, or Fill the Front. It means that you should sit in the front row, and recruit.
Later, I will teach you how to recruit.
Next command, is FTM, or Fill the Middle. It means that you should sit in the middle row.
Usually, only recruits may sit in the middle row. The only time that you'll sit in the middle row, is when there are other militaries raiding, and the back row is full.
Next command, is FTB, or Fill the Back. It means that you should sit in the back row.
You will only sit in the back row if these are the conditions:
- You are AFK, BRB, or OTF.
- The front row is full, but usually, front row seats are given to the lower ranks.
Next command, is BTB, or Back to Base. It means that you should go Back to Base.
Next command, is IAF, or Invite All Friends. It means that you should invite all your friends to come populate, or join USAF. Very Happy Yay!!
Next, is Present Arms. It means that you should wave, and do not stop.
The next, is paired with Present Arms, and it is called Order Arms. It means that you should stop waving.
Next, is GG, or Guard Gate. (Use the sofas to GG)
Only NCO+ may GG, unless there are no NCO+.
Here are the step by step ways to GG.
1. Check the person coming in if he / she has the right uniform or motto.
2. Welcome the person, and wave.
3. Move one space back to the black mat.
4. Move 1 space to the left, behind the iced block.
5. After the person comes in, immediately go back to the gate. Please do it quickly to avoid Gate Rushers.
(Let them try GGing. Demonstrate the GG while saying the steps.)
(Use the space between the 2 iced sofas as the gate. It's effective)
Next, is F&C, or Front and Center.
1. The officer will say: *name*, F&C!
2. You go infront of the officer.
3. You wave, and say: Yes, Sir.
4. The officer will say the necessary stuff, like promotion.
5. The officer will say: Dismissed.
6. Wave then go back to your position.
(Demonstrate it. You can still try demonstrating it even if you're NCO.)
Next, is the most commonly used command of all. It's the Attention.
Attention means stand and don't move or say anything.
You automatically Attention if an officer comes in. Officers usually have dark grey pants. (in all branches)
You should always Attention quickly, or else...
Next command, is usually paired with Atttention. It is called At Ease.
It means that you should sit or continue what you are doing.

So, those are all the commands.
Do you have any questions? (if none, continue)

6. Test the commands that they have learned.

7. Teach them how to recruit.
Welcome to the USAF, *name*, would you like to have a job?
Person: Yes, please.
Please read the blue stickies above the certificate for a job.
Please take a seat while doing that.
(ask them to recruit you one by one)

8. Tell them their job and responsibility.
As enlisted, your main job is to recruit. You should also follow all the officers, and respect all ranks. You should always be alert, and observe what's happning in HQ, and learn from them. I expect a lot from all of you. Very Happy

9. Discuss the chain of command.
(look at one of the stickies)

10. F&C them, then, tell them if they passed. If they passed, ask them to choose one of the branches.

Air Force - [USAF: Air Force] Airman [T]
Army - [USAF: Army] Private [T]
Navy - [USAF: Navy] SA. [T]

Ok. That's the training script. Hope you like it. Thanks Very Happy Woohoo - Rapcreese w/ Love I love you
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PostSubject: Re: USAF New Training Guide - Rap :D   Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:18 pm

blue stickies above the US Flag * changed
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USAF New Training Guide - Rap :D
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